Are migraines the future of cinema?

So I finally got my groove on and headed over to check out Avatar in 3D.  Now blatant American propaganda and smurf references aside, as always I enjoyd Cameron's narrative and the action.  It's why he's remained on my top 3 list for over 2 decades. 

However, what is the big deal about 3D?  Frankly, as someone who lives in stifling heat and humidity for 360 days of the year I don't enjoy 'really experiencing' a jungle climate onscreen.  Swatting at non existent flies does not a fun movie make.  I thought the aerial shots were interesting but in 3D, nauseating.  My vision-challenged friends struggled to balance wearing 2 pairs of glasses at once.

However, it was all worth it to see Sam Worthington burn through the screen.  His talent is undeniable and I don't envy anyone forced to share the shot with him!