The Five Best Film Villains (non human category)

Having a circuitous conversation with Father of Flick Chick with regard to this recent terrific Pajiba Random List, we got to listing our fave non human film villains... Now you could break this down even further into robots vs aliens vs wierd things to fall out of Jim Henson's head but I decided on those exhibiting or exceeding human intelligence and here's where we landed...  Check 'em out... The final five?  Who did I forget?

Five Best Film Villains

Hal, 2001 
(How do you fight logic?)

Pick just one incarnation of him! I still love Gary Oldman's...

How I knew the boy was sick...

No, not the fever or his popping paracetamol like they're tic tacs... It was the fact that he sat through all three POTC, four episodes of Lost in Austen and another four of Jane Eyre... Leads me to speculate that he was simply too ill to get off the couch!!

Til next time kids...

What's in my DVD player right now?

With my professional life in chaos I naturally turn to Tarantino and Tony Scott. This weekend to break up the gratuitous violence I relented to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.  Believe me, you'll hope they remain bygones.  At least the Bride's past coming back to haunt her in Kill Bill was a Deadly Viper Squad!

For my weekend viewing pleasure:
Mystery, Alaska
Lost in Austen
Jane Eyre (2006 BBC)

And the experiment as to how long you can actually let washing build up before you need Tenzing Norgay to tackle it continues...