In recognition that he has FINALLY been nominated for an Oscar - albeit a supporting one - here is the first experience of the Bale that inspired a lifetime of devotion.

You know how much I love a decent period adaptation.  Well coming from a family of all girls, you can't go past this one...  But watch out for that fatal Claire Danes chin wobble.  It's a doozy!


PLOT: The story of four sisters growing up in post-civil war America.

CAST: Winona Ryder (Black Swan, Edward Scissorhands), Kirsten Dunst (Spiderman, The Virgin Suicides), Claire Danes (Temple Grandin, The Family Stone), Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise, Dead Man Walking), Samantha Mathis (Broken Arrow), Christian Bale (The Fighter, The Machinist), Eric Stoltz (Pulp Fiction)

DIRECTOR: Gilliam Armstrong (Charlotte Gray, My Brilliant Career)

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Comedy is my religion

What happens when a rabbi and a priest walk into a karaoke store?  No, it's not the beginning of a joke but rather a very amusing rom-com directed by none-other than Edward Norton himself.

My mother got me onto this DVD and I went right out and bought it the next day.  It's just really charming and has an amazing supporting cast also.

PS - Rick Springfield will never been the same for you again!


PLOT: Jake and Brian, friends since grade school, have both pursued a career in their respective religions.  But when an old friend comes back into their lives they each begin to question their relationship with her and how their faith impacts on this... Cue hilarity!

CAST: Edward Norton (The Italian Job, Fight Club), Ben Stiller (Reality Bites, Meet the Parents), Jenna Elfman (EdTV, "Dharma & Greg")

DIRECTOR: Edward Norton

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For the winos

I live with a former wine rep and as such it's a pleasing occasion when our two passions combine - vino and cinematique.  So this month in deference to him, here are my favourite wine flicks.  Grab a bottle of your fave plonk and enjoy...

The first film is certainly more well known than the second if only because it won the Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy Golden Globe as well as an Oscar winning screenplay (it was also nominated for 4 other Academy Awards).  Personally I prefer the second film to the bromance ;) and I just can't resist a bit of Alan Rickman and a Doobie Brothers soundtrack!


PLOT: To escape the disappointments of their lives, on the eve of Jack's marriage, his former college roommate, a passionate wine connoisseur, takes him on a tour of the Napa Valley.

CAST: Paul Giamatti (The Illusionist, John Adams), Thomas Hayden Church (Easy A), Virginia Madsen (), Sandra Oh ("Grey's Anatomy")

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PLOT: In the early days of Californian vintners, a stuffy Englishman set out to prove a Californian wine could beat a French one in a now infamous blind tasting in 1976.

CAST: Alan Rickman (Harry Potter, Love Actually), Chris Pine (Derailed, Star Trek), Bill Pullman (While You Were Sleeping)

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Take a trip with me

I've been terribly slack the past month so I'm going to endeavour to catch up...

This week I'm recommending a flick I stumbled across and absolutely loved.  It's hardly an Oscar contender but it is a great 2 hours of entertainment.  Plus it's based on the book by Michael "Jurassic Park" Crichton and has an all star cast including a early roles for Anna Friels, Gerard Butler, Michael Sheen and Martin Csokas.

Check out:

PLOT: After a corporation accidentally discovers a wormhole in time, a group of archaeologists travel back to the 14th century to rescue their trapped professor only to find they've arrived right in the thick of an historical battle between the French and English armies.

CAST: Paul Walker (Fast & Furious) Billy Connolly (The Man Who Sued God), Gerard Butler (300), Frances O'Connor (Mansfield Park), Ethan Embry (Can't Hardly Wait), David Thewlis (Harry Potter III)

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