It sounds like an Aesop fable, The Producer and The Soldier.   I refer of course to the controversies surrounding Oscar nominated film The Hurt Locker.  I won't go into my opinions on the actual issues however I will say this regarding the soldier claiming to have coined the term "hurt locker".... Dude, I've seen at least one film where they used the term and it's over 10 years old (see below).  Also, if you hire a lawyer to speak for you at a press conference, let them do the talking. You attack your own credibility using terms like "displeasement". [She writes with much eye rolling].


PLOT: A strangled woman's naked body is discovered on a military base.  It is the daughter of influential and respected General Campbell and it is up to Paul Brenner and Sara Sunhill to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death.  No ordinary murder, the officers are stymied at every turn by secrets, loyalties, and the 'Army way'.

"What's worse than rape?  When you know that, then you'll know everything."

DIRECTOR: Simon West (Con Air)

CAST: John Travolta (Old Dogs, Swordfish), Madeline Stowe (We Were Soldiers, Last of the Mohicans), James Cromwell (Becoming Jane, Babe), Timothy Hutton (The Ghost Writer, The Good Shepherd), James Woods ("Shark", Be Cool)

LOCATED IN: Thriller or Action

  • Courage Under Fire
  • Murder By Numbers
  • The Bone Collector
  • The Pelican Brief
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