Dib Dib Dib Dob Dob Dob

We all know how much of fan I am of ScottFree productions.  Well this is an early one but also has the bonus of being my favourite NFL film.  Think Bruce Willis in his hey day - John Maclean and his pre-vengeance wingman.
Plus Halle Berry in one of her earliest roles!

Check out:


PLOT: A has-been pro footballer hires an equally washed up private detective to investigate his girlfriend's murder.  Together they discover corruption at the heart of the NFL.

CAST: Bruce Willis (Die Hard, Pulp Fiction), Damon Wayans (Major Payne, "My Wife and Kids"), Halle Berry (X-Men, Monster's Ball)

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Colin 4 Oscar

In case you have not yet done so, I strongly urge you to see The King's Speech.  A truly excellent film and I will be exceedingly cross if Colin Firth does not receive an Oscar for his exceptional portrayal of His Majesty King George VI.

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Double Time

So I've been very slack over the festive season but rest assured it's cause I've been getting my fill of DVDs!  As you may have noticed, the big studios will often make two versions of a concept around the same time.  They often differ slightly but are often equal in merit (or not!).  Even the posters are often incredibly similar!

This week, a selection of films that I felt were appropriate for twice the effort:


I struggle to pick a fave here as I adore Christian Bale and Edward Norton.  But each film focuses on a different competitive spirit.


Forget that the latter spawned years of that horrid song (and I spy nepotism) but I personally prefer the character focus of Deep Impact over the action packed adventure of Armageddon.


Although I'm a big fan of both Emmerich and Broderick, Cloverfield definitely gets my vote as the superior monster thriller.

And of course AVATAR vs THE SMURFS

Just kidding! ;)