Espionage le spoof

I watched this again this weekend and I still adore this film.  Proof that Cameron and Arnie can not take themselves seriously and still make money!

And how can you go past an infamous striptease and Harrier jump jets?

I highly recommend revisiting:


PLOT: When a top notch spy suspects his wife of having an affair, he unwittingly involves her in a current, dangerous operation.

CAST: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Predator), Jamie-Lee Curtis (A Fish Called Wanda), Tom Arnold (Rosanne), Bill Paxton (Titantic), Art Malik (Sex & The City 2), Tia Carrere (Wayne's World), Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse)

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Ruffle some feathers

This is without a doubt my feel-good comedy experience.  Classic Robin Williams, the guaranteed excellence of Nathan Lane and an ALL STAR CAST! 

I simply adore Agador and his ministrations about the house.

Whenever I need a bit of silliness, I just visit...


PLOT: When his son plans to wed the daughter of a conservative American senator, the owner of a successful cabaret club and his drag queen partner attempt to play it straight when the meet the potential new in-laws.

CAST: Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman, Diane Weist, Hank Azaria, Dan Futterman, Calista Flockhart, Christine Baranski

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Noir is the new black

I've been appalling at posting lately so I have a couple of excellent film noir recommendations for you!

Let's make this quick and dirty -

First up a film I always meant to get around to hiring and having recently done so, simply cannot believe it's been under my radar so long.  Joseph Gordon Levitt is fast becoming a fave of mine for his consistently excellent performances.  Although it's difficult to do well, when a film successful approaches a strict genre like noir from a new angle, I just adore the work.


PLOT:  A teenage loner attempts to navigate the local underworld to investigate the disappearance of the girl he loves.

CAST: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (10 Things I Hate About You), Emilie de Ravin (Remember Me), Nora Zehetner ("Grey's Anatomy")

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Classic noir will never date, and the second recommendation is a perfect example.  Released in 1997, it's as good today as the first time I watched it...

An all time great movie, this won Kim Basinger an Oscar and introduced Hollywood to the talents of a Gumleaf Mafia. 
I give you...


PLOT: After closing the case of a shooting at a diner, three cops separately re-investigate when everything seems too neat.

CAST: Kevin Spacey, Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe, Kim Basinger, James Cromwell, Danny DeVito, David Strathairn

LOCATED IN: Thriller

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