Before Ironman and Kiss Kuss Bang Bang resurrected Robert Downey Jnr he got stuck in schmaltz. And who better to be stuck there with than the lovely Marisa Tomei. For some reason this film has always stuck in my head and after introducing a friend to it today, I just had to share it with you too.

Only You

Plot: As a girl a Ouija board reveals to Faith the name of her future beloved. Just days before her wedding, she discovers her fiancée has a friend with that very name! She impulsively follows him to Italy with her sensible sister in law to find the man she is meant to be with... And find him she does... Or does she?

Cast: Marisa Tomei (Crazy Stupid Love), Robert Downey Jnr (The Avengers), Bonnie (Cheaper by the Dozen), Fisher Stevens (Short Circuit)

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