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The boy and I are both huge fans of Matthew Reilly. I mean 'stand in line for two hours in blistering sun to get my copy of his latest signed' huge fans. But one thing we absolutely cannot agree on is who should play the characters in any future movie adaptation.

I know this is a real bone of contention for many readers whose vision of a favourite is destroyed by the silver screen. Harry Potter, Twilight, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo are all recent victims. Film has a sordid history of it.

How would u have cast ur fave book?

I'd rather be on a dessert island

Yes I meant dessert. Having recently watched both Tom hanks and bear grylls attempt to survive on desert islands i'd prefer an island created by willy wonker infinitely better!

What interested me about castaway is that there are very few films where the cast is, for the majority of the movie, singular. Yes, there are plenty of flicks with the protagonist pitted against the world, only able to rely on himself but it is rare that they are utterly alone. The only other example I know of is the recent Sam Rockell expedition, Moon.

Now I find castaway enjoyable but only every few years. Somewhere along the way Hanks seems to have lost some charisma... (Somewhere being in the middle of the louvre trying to unravel the code of michelangelo's nemisis.) But I do like to revisit the Chuck Norland and his little isle every once in awhile. If only because it makes me appreciate electricity and sunscreen!

Knocked up should be locked up

Yes, I finally watched knocked up... You know those films that absolutely change u forever, that u always regret not seeing at a cinema? That u irritate the crap out if everyone u know going ocer every part that u loved in minute detail?

This was absolutely not one of those films. It was on tv so I thought what the heck, I'll watch it. The only time I laughed was during the castle commercial that came on when I changed the channel! I made it further through the pestilence that was ps I love you.

Now I know this post will piss off a lot of people who loved the thing. To u I strongly suggest a Ridley Scott dvd marathon with commentary on!!

Better luck next time Heigl!

Remakes worth seeing

Okay so you know my thoughts on remakes... they ought not be attempted.  However, I hear that that most repeated of themes Pygmalion, is being done again - this time in a remake of My Fair Lady (funny really, given that this itself was a remake)Now I don't like musicals and I prefer Katharine to Audrey, but the original MFL was, I must concede, a fairly delightful film.

Given the ridiculous spate of remakes poisoning our screens, here is a list of those I wouldn't disown you for watching (you may be surprised that some are remakes!):
  • Sabrina (again, I dislike Bogie and Hepburn so Ford/Ormond was gorgeous plus Kinnear for good measure!)
  • The Italian Job (go Jason Statham)
  • Bourne trilogy (although it's now ripped off by much worse films, these pioneered a new hand held camera style)
  • The Thomas Crown Affair
  • Casino Royale
  • Ocean's 11 (don't bother with the sequels)
  • The Dark Knight (Ledger makes Nicholson look positively clownish)
  • The Magnificent Seven (though I prefer the japanese original)
  • The Ring
  • Mission Impossible III (far superior to the others)
  • "Battlestar Galactica"
  • Chicago
  • Fatal Attraction
  • The Four Feathers
  • Gone in 60 Seconds

"Oscar winning"

Okay people, be warned.  Diatribe a-coming.

I was appalled to read today that an Oscar-winning director will be working on the next Twilight film. Now I'm a twi-hard, don't get me wrong. But there are two things wrong with this statement. First, no Oscar winning anything should stoop to being in these movies. They are remakes of a pop culture phenomenon after all.  Second, HE'S NOT AN OSCAR WINNING DIRECTOR!!!!  Bill Condon won an Oscar for screen writing back in 1998.  He's never even been nominated in the directing category!  It's like saying Olympic Champion runner Ian Thorpe (With those feet, he'd probably trip himself up anyway!).  Writing and directing are two very different disciplines.  To win an award for one, does not mean you can claim it for the other!!!!