RIP Death at a Funeral

You will by now be familiar with my absolute abhorence for remakes. I especially hate the remakes of films from living memory. 

So, can anyone explain to me why the yanks continue to take all these fantastic Brit shows/movies and ripping out their soul.  What makes The Office, Life on Mars etc so appealing is their very Britishness.  What's next?  An American Dr Who... oh wait, that's called Torchwood!

So what has inspired this latest diatribe?  A Hollywood remake of Death at a Funeral.  But not just an American version... an African American version.  Now I get that Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock etc are an exceedingly popular style of comedy.  But when the Brit version is just so damn brilliant, why spoil that? 

What's even more ridiculous is that instead of the little person being a foreigner, he will be white.  And not just any white guy - the very same guy who played the role to perfection in the original British version, the fabulous Peter Dinklage.  What the???

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