Vocal coach

Okay, so a lot of emphasis is placed on beauty in this industry. The term actor-slash-model surely substantiates it. But what it you look beyond face value? Take away the exterior… or go further… put them in the hands of a CGI designer or animator and make them The Lion King or I, Robot. What then?

The mark of the truly great actors are those who can not only change their gate and let the character envelope them (see Heath Ledger’s The Joker) but also change their voice… not just an accent, but a new vernacular, intonation and sentence structure. The really special performers’ accents are not just your standard English, Irish, Scottish, Southern American or Aussie (though I have yet to see any actor not of our shores master the latter!). They can add a regional inflection to the accent. Christian Bale in particular is exceptionally talented in this way. Despite what you may think, Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky in no way qualifies.

But for those of you who crave a more generic definition of vocal talent, here is my list of sexiest voices in the biz. For phwoar factor, I would happily listen to these people reading the phone book….

Sean Connery - it’s a given really
Matthew McFadyen
Cary Elwes
Ewan McGregor
Charlie Cox
Gerard ButlerAaron Eckhart
Liam Neeson - only once has a lion been sexier, and that was…
Jeremy Irons
Stuart Townsend
Ioan Gruffudd
Heath Ledger
Dan Radcliffe – will come into his own
Mel Gibson

(yes, the united kingdom has a certain appeal)

Jodie Foster
Holly Hunter
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Rachel Weisz

Honourable Mentions
Comedically speaking: Nathan Lane, Hank Azaria
Musically speaking: Jon Stevens in Jesus Christ Superstar

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