52 Week Challenge - Week 1 "James Cameron"

As this is a 52 week challenge and I have more than 52 DVDs (I know it's a real shock, right?) I thought I would start with a collection I have rather than a single film.

I am often accused of being pedantic, finicky and many other adjectives which all mean the same thing... anal... about cataloguing my dvds but that's just because I can now go to the drawers and know exactly what is where.  No, it's not chronological or alphabetical, it's much harder to crack than that.  Essentially my catalogue system is intuitive - some of it is chronological but other sections are by director, genre or actor - and the reason for this is that I have exceedingly eclectic taste.

So this inaugural blog is of my James Cameron collection.  No, don't groan!  There's a reason he was invited into a guest spot in Entourage people! Long before monsters like Titantic and Avatar broke box office records, Cameron was pushing the envelope technologically and his films were incredible.  I will concede that in some cases the plot and character development came second to the technology but in those that got it right, wow!  And it is for these films that Cameron currently sits in my list of Top 3 Directors.

So, below is a list of my JC collection in order of preference (Least Fave to AWESOME):

Avatar - JC taking his love of blue to a new level!)
Titantic - Love Winslet, love Leo but hate this film simply because it took people soooo long to see these excellent actors as anything but Rose & Jack. I do however love it for the detail )
True Lies - Arnie taking the mickey out of himself, Jamie Lee Curtis as the fish out of water in a very hot striptease, and Tom Arnold as, well, Tom Arnold.  Sigh... I love it. (PS - hear rumors of a tv series in the works... what's with all the spy shows at the mo?  Is it just that people are already missing 24?)
Terminator 2 - Assassin turned protector, liquid metal villain and a beefed up but clinically insane mother. Forget relating to the characters and just enjoy shit blowing up! 
Terminator  - How can you not love a film with Arnie, Biehn AND an iguana!
Aliens - While Ridley Scott pioneered this franchise we have JC to thank for taking it mainstream.  PS - can't believe they're recasting Ripley in a new prequel GRR!!


This one sits in my top 10.  It's an awesome flick that I just never get sick of.  Part sci-fi, part drama, part love story, part thriller.

CAST: Ed Harris (A Beautiful Mind, The Rock, A History of Violence, The Hours) Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Prince of Thieves), Michael Biehn (The Rock, Terminator).

A civilian diving team are enlisted to search for a lost nuclear submarine and face danger while encountering a potentially unidentified aquatic species.


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