Have you seen this man? AKA Oh THAT guy!

Career Retrospective

There are lots of actors that people recognise but can't place.  One of my favourite actors is such a person.  You may know him as Ethan Embry but I remember when he went by his birth name Ethan Randall!

My first memory of him was in Drive Me Crazy (Dutch in US) with Modern Family's Ed O'Neill (with whom he would again work in L.A Dragnet.)

He's been in a number of easily recognised roles over the years including Empire Records, Can't Hardly Wait and Sweet Home Alabama...

...and a number of roles that you may not have realised was him!  Remember That Thing You Do, White Squall, Timeline?

You may be under the impression that Ethan just pops up every now and again?  But you would be wrong.  Ethan voices a number of animated series in addition to the couple of movies he makes each year.

He has also branched out into tv and I was stoked to see him recently in a stellar cameo on House.
But my absolute favourite of his roles was as spoiled Harry Winslow in the terrific kids movie A Far Off Place.  It's a performance with real heart by one talented young man and the rapport with Reese Witherspoon is palpable. Two up-and-comers before their time.  This is how I remember them...

Go you good thing!

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