And you thought Jason Bourne was cool!

Before there were snakes on a plane, before Damon's Bourne tried to uncover his past, before The Bride had to kill Bill, there was one bad ass chick called Charly.

Picture this, you're the perfect soccer mum. You bake cookies for your daughter's class.You have a kind, steady man in your life.  And you don't remember anything before this very ordinary existence began.  And then someone tries to kill you and your family for something from your past... What follows is an action packed trip with Samantha and a deadbeat PI sidekick. 

Now we all know how I feel about David Morse but here meet another side to him, a special kind of charming creep with some inventive torture techniques!

DIRECTOR: Renny Harlin (The Covenant, Deep Blue Sea)

CAST: Geena Davis ("Commander in Chief", A League of Their Own), Samuel L Jackson (Snakes on a Plane, Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction), Brian Cox (Troy, X-Men II, The Bourse Supremacy), David Morse (Disturbia, The Green Mile)

PLOT: When an assassin viciously attacks a seemingly ordinary woman, her amnesia cracks and she begins to remember her past... and that persona is coming back for revenge against the people who tried to kill her.

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