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I have a confession... I don't always get popular films. I simply do not understand a need for applause lauded for the Appatows and Farrelys Bros of the modern movie experience. I guess half the problem is these movies are often oversold by friends to such a degree that my expectations are simply too high when I see them - not that they were that high to begin with ;) 
Hopefully I didn't just lose half my followers!? The Coen Bros are another pair whose style is pretty hit and miss with me. I either LOVE their flicks or am bored within minutes of openings credits. However since working for a law firm, my appreciation for one of my favourite Coen Bros has only intensified. 

Plus you can see Clooney at his best, before he started flogging coffee capsules. I encourage you to revisit....

Intolerable Cruelty

Plot: Miles, the best divorce attorney in well, ever has met his match in 'wronged wife' Marylin.

Cast: Catherine Zeta Jones (No Reservations), George Clooney (3 Kings), Paul Adelstein (Prison Break), Geoffrey Rush (Elizabeth), Billy Bob Thornton (love actually)

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